Harsh and cruel life experiences have led many of our young to believe that they are alone in the world and that no one cares.  DFW CARES Mentoring seeks to dispel that notion by providing young people with role models who will play an active role in helping shape their development.”  By mentoring a young person, you can help redirect the course of their life – and possibly even save a life.

Who Should Mentor?
All are welcome! We are recruiting caring men and women who care about young people and want to help them succeed. No special skills, impressive resumes or degrees are needed to make a positive difference in a young person’s life. And we all have life experiences and wisdom to share that will benefit young people. All it takes to become a mentor is a kind and caring heart, commitment, being responsible and a good listener.

While our focus is on galvanizing large numbers of African Americans to mentor because many more of us are needed to join the ranks of our White sisters and brothers who are already there, we refer mentors to partnering organizations and school systems without regard to race or religion.

What are the Benefits to Mentoring?
The impact of a consistent mentoring relationship is life altering for the mentor and mentee!

Benefits for Mentees…

  • Increased levels of self esteem, self confidence and self-efficacy

  • Higher levels of academic achievement

  • Decrease in school drop-out rate

  • Reduction in risky behavior (i.e., drug/alcohol use, bullying, teen pregnancy, etc.)

  • Create relationships that promote trust, loyalty and integrity

  • Develop communication skills with adults and peers

  • Set and achieve personal, academic and career goals


Benefits for Mentors…

  • Expanded knowledge of advanced interpersonal and communication skills

  • Increased self awareness

  • Shared learning

  • Establish valuable and meaningful relationships

  • Make a meaningful difference in the life of a child